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Your Eyes, Our Care


When I first came to the Vision Support Centre, I was in a great deal of pain and couldn’t go to work. The day prior, I left work because my eyes were burning and felt like sandpaper. They were red and irritated. I awoke the next day with swollen eyes. I immediately called Dr. Hatchard and he arranged for me to see Dr. Valgardson at the Vision Support Centre right away.

When I arrived at the Vision Support Centre I was impressed with the level of care and how thorough the exam was. They even tested my blood pressure! Dr. Valgardson was excellent and took the time to explain everything to me in great detail. I was diagnosed with severe chronic dry eye and was given drops to treat the infection as well as instructions for further relief for my dry eye symptoms including a hydration mask and warm compresses.

Dr. Valgardson also mentioned a new treatment for dry eye that they offered called Lipiflow which I am anxious to try. The staff booked a follow up appointment before I left the office. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing dry eye symptoms to come here!

Deborah Gott


I was referred to Dr. Hatchard by a friend of mine after seeing two doctors with an on going eye infection for two weeks with no progress.

Dr Hatchard was in contact with me right away and got me in immediately, I can’t thank him enough for his diligent effort.

After seeing him twice the infection was gone. He is excellent in every way…. Knowledgeable, personable and very thorough. He has a terrific bedside manner. His staff are also very pleasant and professional! I would Recommend dr Hatchard to all My friends and family in the future!

Natasha Shumka

I came to the Vision Support Centre because like many others, my vision had been gradually changing. I had noticed drier eyes and more difficulty with my old glasses. My contacts were difficult to wear and overall uncomfortable without frequent eyedrops. I received a very thorough and complete exam. This involved my vision, prescription, inner eye and tear assessment.

I have never had such a complete assessment before. Afterwards I discussed the results with the Optometrist thoroughly and subsequently had improved eye health following his directions. The staff were helpful in setting up my appointment with my busy schedule. They made my visit quite enjoyable.

The completeness of the visit has made me recommend others to the Vision Support Centre.

Dr. Steven Hodge, MD FRCPC Internal Medicine/Cardiology


I came to the Vision Support Centre for a regular Eye Exam. I was also experiencing some spotty vision in my left eye that I had asked to be addressed. The treatment I received was like none I had ever experienced before. The staff was very friendly, thorough and helpful.

Prior to seeing Dr. Hatchard, his assistant took me to have all the pre-screening tests and also took my blood pressure. Once I was in the exam room with Dr. Hatchard, he did a normal eye exam with a few little extra little things he wanted to look more closely at. The information he was able to tell me about my eyes blew me away! I didn’t know half the things about my eyes from previous exams that I now learned.

The knowledge and time Dr. Hatchard gave me insight to some preventative measures I can take to better my vision. I was also informed that I had a cataract and possible early signs of Glaucoma. Dr. Hatchard did an amazing job of explaining what this means and has referred me to an Ophthalmologist to co-manage my condition. He took the time to show me a picture of my eye and the areas of concern. Also, he went into great detail explaining it all and answered any questions that I had.

I was so impressed with the Vision Support Centre and would recommend it to anyone!

Jessica Stewart

Dr. Hatchard and Staff, I want to sincerely thank you for the tremendous help you gave me on Dec 9th. The fear I had incurred because of the retinal tear was almost unbearable, but you and your team had things happen so quickly, that it wasn’t until two days later that I was able to exhale and realize just how amazingly this was handled for me. I am compelled to express my personal appreciation and thank God for your passion and expertise.



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