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Dr. Hatchard gave me fantastic insight!

I came to the Vision Support Centre for a regular Eye Exam. I was also experiencing some spotty vision in my left eye that I had asked to be addressed. The treatment I received was like none I had ever experienced before. The staff was very friendly, thorough and helpful.

Prior to seeing Dr. Hatchard, his assistant took me to have all the pre-screening tests and also took my blood pressure. Once I was in the exam room with Dr. Hatchard, he did a normal eye exam with a few little extra little things he wanted to look more closely at. The information he was able to tell me about my eyes blew me away! I didn’t know half the things about my eyes from previous exams that I now learned.

The knowledge and time Dr. Hatchard gave me insight to some preventative measures I can take to better my vision. I was also informed that I had a cataract and possible early signs of Glaucoma. Dr. Hatchard did an amazing job of explaining what this means and has referred me to an Ophthalmologist to co-manage my condition. He took the time to show me a picture of my eye and the areas of concern. Also, he went into great detail explaining it all and answered any questions that I had.

I was so impressed with the Vision Support Centre and would recommend it to anyone!

- Jessica S.