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Low Vision Co-Management in Kelowna, BC

When patients experience reduced visual ability, occasionally categorized as legally blind, these patients may actually retain some degree of functional eyesight that can be assisted. At , Dr. Hayley Valgardson is our low vision eye doctor, who helps improve the vision of patients who suffer from vision loss due to eye...

Disease Management for Practitioners

Many practitioners and eye doctors treat a wide range of eye disease in Kelowna, BC but only a few doctors can provide the necessary testing to get a clear, complete picture of each patient. Younger patients will likely need a simple slit lamp to get a thorough checkup, but older...

Blepharitis and Demodex Mites

Blepharitis refers to a dry eye disease caused by inflammation of the eyelids. Blepharitis often displays redness, irritation, itchiness, and dandruff-like scales across the eyelashes. One of the most common causes of blepharitis is Demodex. What is Demodex? Tiny mites that live in the hair follicle is called Demodex. Demodex,...

Rigid Gas Permeable Fittings (RGPs) and Scleral Lens Fittings in Kelowna, BC

When a hard-to-fit patient requires the next level of care, consider co-managing with Vision Support and Dry Eye Centre’s Dr. Sklapsky. We have helped countless hard-to-fit patients achieve amazing vision. Plus, these same continue to see their local optometrist for their annual eye exams.


Co-Manage Dry Eye & LipiFlow with VSDE

Want to provide your dry eye patients with more advanced care & become a dry eye expert? Co-manage with Vision Support Centre for your dry eye care needs.


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We are pleased to announce that we have relocated and merged our practice into our affiliated practice, Glenmore Optometry at 5-538 Yates Road, Kelowna, BC, V1V 2V8 (Sandalwood Plaza, Glenmore, next to Tripke Bakery). We will continue to provide care for our existing and new patients under the name “Glenmore Optometry” effective immediately. At this time, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are limited to in person essential and urgent care and tele-optometry consultations.

For existing patients: Your patient files have been transferred to our new location and going forward, your regular Optometrist will be continuing your care under the name Glenmore Optometry.