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Co-Manage Dry Eye & LipiFlow with VSDE

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Start treating your chronic dry eye patients, today!

  • Do you solely rely on medicated eye drops as the ideal dry eye solution?
  • Do some of your patients express frustration from never-ending dry symptoms?
  • Have nutritional supplements and fish oil failed to help some of your toughest dry eye patients?

Not every patient can cope with medicated eye drops over the period of months. When basic dry eye solutions only solve some of the problems or even end up as a wasted investment for a patient, this can not only lead to frustration but the loss of business. We all want our patients to receive the best care for their eyes.

How should we talk to our dry eye patients?

Education is key. Inform your patients about the differences between an evaporative dry eye and aqueous dry eye. Give them a brief background behind tear production, the function of meibomian glands, and a short description of the tear film. You’ll help your dry eye patients identify the need for a thorough dry eye assessment rather than a basic slit lamp exam.

Risks and Prevention. Review with your dry eye patients about the potential risks from an unmanaged case of dry eye disease. Although many dry eye patients turn to an optometrist with moderate dry eye symptoms, if you help them understand their case of dry eyes early on, you can treat their symptoms fast and efficiently. They will avoid having to resort to any costly treatments and notice changes sooner than later.

Chronic Dry Eye Patients. In the event a dry eye patient requires a more advanced treatment like Lipiflow, providing them with dry eye information upfront will give them a better sense of what to expect. This can be helpful through physical, printed material or simply a brief write up from you about their case of dry eyes. Plus, setting realistic expectations for immediate, improved comfort with their eyes with LipiFlow can be exciting for people with chronic dry eyes.

While we often recommended dry eye patients to never rub their eyes, stick with eye drops, eat healthier, and wear sunglasses, when we discover their source of itchiness and/or burning through a dry eye assessment, a patient will be far more receptive to your dry eye expertise and other areas of medical care.



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